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As befits a drama about a sophisticated culinary critic it is the fresh palette of colourful and appetising images that first meets the eye but these exhibit as much a love for the city of Buenos Aires as they do of gastronomic delights.
Filmmakers Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn (El hombre al lado, 2011; El Encargado, 2022) wanted to make Nada (aka ‘Nothing’) a series of postcards from the city.
“Naturally we wanted to make the food look good but their first call was to show Buenos Aires as a modern, romantic and beautiful city,” explains cinematographer Alejo Maglio, ADF. “In my mind I wanted to make a portrait of the city, of the characters and of the dishes.”

The five-part Argentinian mini-series is made by Metrovisión for Disney+ and pairs distinguished local actor and politician Luis Brandoni with fabled star Robert De Niro.
Brandoni plays a food critic, aesthete, and all-around provocateur, who has lived for decades with a woman who handles nearly all the tasks in his daily life. But when she passes away, everything changes – and Manuel begins to discover that he doesn’t know how to do anything for himself.

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